Elephant Cave ( Goa Gajah ) | Ubud Trip

Posted by Liong Helton on Monday, 18 August 2014

Helloo my friends, in this article I want to share to you about this interesting place in Bali, its Called Goa Gajah is an Elephant Cave, is very famous place to visit if you are in Bali now, especially in Ubud, and if you are confuse to do this Ubud Tour, dont be worry, I'm here to Guide You as a Guide Driver, we are ready anytime to serve you my friends, so let see the picture about Elephant Cave, then sure, you will be interesting, here is some picture of Elephant Cave :

Here is just some picture Of Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave, is more amazing if you see in the real time, if you need to do this Tour, just easy with Contact Us.  thank you very much

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Kecak and Fire Dance | Ubud Trip

Posted by Ubud Trip on Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kecak and Fire Dance | Ubud Trip

Kecak is the most unique balinese dance which isn't accompanied by any orcherstra or balinese music

(Gamelan) but by a choir of hundred men it has its origin an old ritual dance ''Sanghyang'' or Trance dance, in the dancer as a medium, the deities or ancestors convey their wishes. in the years 1930 the old indian epic Ramayana was included into the dance.

Kecak and Fire dance is most populer dance like a Barong and Keris dance too, both of this dance is most unique and this is our treasure in this island many tourist come to bali just to see this dance,  in Kecak and Fire dance you can see some people sit on the stage and make the circle and when the dance is start they will say Cak, Cak, Cak, Cak, Cakkkk,  and then you will see the dance and will be appear white monkey (Hanoman) the GOD of Monkey,  and the act. dance of the story Rama And Sita is simillar like a Romeo and Juliet,   dont be miss of this dance if you had holiday in Bali.   

                                         Fire dance hanoman stand in the middle (white monkey)

Fire dance of sanghyang jaran, the dancer ride some horse but the horse is make it from banana leaf and the head from the wood which look like a horse head. The dancer must be have some ritual before they walk on the fire. so amazing dance from our paradise,  

Here is a picture of my customer :

                           Mrs. Lizbeth and Crystal who stay in Japan now, and when they come to bali, 
                       they contact us and take us as a guide driver for they trip, so thank you very much 

If you interesting to watch Kecak and Fire dance,  and you doesn't have a guide for that,  don't be worry, I'm here to guide you and be my pleasure just contact me With Contact US for make a deal and price for the Tour you want,   Thank You Very Much

Phone Number : 081 647 096 41

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Coffee Luwak Ubud | Ubud Trip

Posted by Ubud Trip on Saturday, 7 December 2013

Coffee Luwak Ubud | Ubud Trip

Helloo there My name Is Liong and My father name is Made, My father is a guide and This is my new blog just all about The Ubud Tour, I have other blog is Bali Daily Tour, and now in this blog I will tell you of Coffee Luwak In Ubud Bali,  did you know Coffee Luwak ??  is a famous coffee from the animal its call Luwak, so natural process of this coffee, you can see the coffee plantation and the process to make it this coffee, this Trip is the one of many kind Trip in Ubud,  many interesting place in Ubud, but now we talk about this Trip,  is the interesting place in Ubud must to see, because this coffee is famous for this year,

and you will see everything in this coffee plantation,The wild civets only select the ripest coffee berries for their diet.  In this way, the berries used for Bali Kopi Luwak have already passed their evolutionary quality control test. This homogenous selection process produces a clean and unique taste. you will see the process to making a coffee luwak,  from the first luwak is eating the coffee and we need the bean from the cofee which has luwak ate that before,  lets see my picture in Coffee plantation Ubud Bali :

This Is Coffee Bean of Luwak 

Process To Make A coffee Fried in the Frying Pan without oil

Pouring The hot water to the coffee

This is I am in Coffee plantation With a cup of luwak coffee, and with nice view in the morning

This my Father Thats use a Hat,  with Mr. and Mrs Mark who have booking here, to have guide for Ubud Tour.  so nice Trip

If you interesting to Visit Coffee plantation ( Coffee luwak ) to see in real about the luwak, coffee and process to make it,  and you doesn't have a guide for that,  don't be worry,  I'm here to guide you and be my pleasure just contact me With Contact US for make a deal and price for the Tour you want,   Thank You Very Much

Phone Number : 081 647 096 41

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